Security and data integrity is crucial to your business. It protects the confidential information customers share with you and drives your business forward. We can help you ensure your business is protected from potential cyber security threats.

Our IT Security Assessment services focus on:

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment: we identify IT security risks and partner with you to understand the financial and / or business impact to a particular breach. We also help you understand the likelihood of breach so you can properly prioritize resolution
  • Audit Services: we can help you prepare for a wide array of regulatory audits like HIPPA. We help you proactively address regulatory and recommended security gaps
  • Advisory Services: ensuring digital security is an ever evolving and moving target. New threats appear everyday. We can provide the IT security expertise your business needs to stay protected in an increasingly digital world

Have you been hacked recently? Would you benefit from a confidential security advisor? Do you need independent third party security assessments? Are you worried about securing a key asset or product?

Our trained security professionals excel at addressing all manner of security challenges. We are uniquely positioned to partner with your business and help you navigate the challenging environment of IT security in a cost effective manner.

We have a team of trained, market leading, security professionals who have a proven track record of working with business stakeholders to identify and address security risks. We understand that a successful and secure business requires seasoned professionals who can speak the language of the business.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Need help understanding the impact of a risk? Struggling to decipher the IT techno-babble? Unsure if the high cost to patch the vulnerability is of value?

Let our experts work with you to understand the business value of addressing any IT security risk. We’ll put the risk in business terms and back it up with a business case so you can understand the value at stake. We’ll further back that business case up with discrete options to plug the most critical components of the vulnerability at the lowest possible cost.

We understand the difficulties of managing a secure business in an increasingly digital era and are prepared to partner with you. Contact us now to schedule for a free consultation.

Audit Services

Do you have an upcoming compliance audit? Are you unsure of how new regulations may impact your business? Do you suspect a data breach?

Let our seasoned security professionals partner with you to understand gaps and help develop a strategy to identify regulatory or compliance gaps and then develop a plan to address those gaps.

We leverage our deep experience and proven methodologies to partner with you to help you ensure security and compliance. If you have a data breach, we can quickly identify the breach and then develop a plan to address the breach.

Contact us now to schedule for a free consultation.

Advisory Services

Do you need part time security advisory services? Would you benefit from a temporary Chief Information Security Adviser (CISA)? Do you need seasoned security coach or mentor you can call as needed?

Our seasoned executives are ready to partner directly with your team to help you navigate the complex world of IT security. We’ll assign a dedicated onshore executive who will operate as your trusted business adviser.

We are committed to building an ongoing trust based relationship with your business to ensure you meet critical business goals in a secure manner. We speak the language of the business and understand the complexities of IT.

Contact us now for more information.