Vendors critical to your IT strategy. Ensure your vendors offer secure, stable, and fairly priced capabilities which positively reflect your brand. Our assessment will guide you through the market so that you can effectively partner with the right vendors.

Our vendor assessment consists of 3 key pillars:

  • Vendor Security and Stability: we’ll audit the vendor to ensure they provide competitive security and disaster recovery capabilities. This will ensure the vendor can meet your current and future needs
  • Vendor Capabilities: we’ll compare the vendor’s capabilities, track record, and features against market competitors. This will help you understand key vendor differentiators and aid in selecting the best partner
  • Vendor Cost Comparison: we’ll compare the vendor pricing models against market standards to ensure you are getting the best value for your chosen features. We will assist in the negotiation process to ensure you get maximum value

Are you looking for a partner to help expand you capabilities? Do you need to ensure your vendors can meet regulatory requirements? Are you looking to align vendor capabilities with your business strategy?

Our seasoned professionals understand the complexities of effectively partnering with a wide array of vendors across platforms. We’ll help you cut through the jargon and hype to understand which vendors are best positioned to grow your business.

Our unique market position and experienced technologists allows us to look across the IT landscape. We can provide critical selection services that will aid you in selecting the best partner to support your unique business needs.

Vendor Security and Stability

The service a vendor provides reflects your brand to your customers. Slow, unreliable, and insecure service is not tolerable in today’s fast moving digital marketplace.

Let our seasoned team partner with your business to provide transparency into a vendor’s offerings. We’ll help you understand the vendor’s security and track record so you can evaluate if their offerings are right for you.

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Vendor Capabilities

Are you confused by all of the jargon and terms? Unsure of what capabilities are hype? Trying to compare feature sets across multiple vendors? Worried about the vendor’s ability to scale?

Let our team of technologists conduct a fact-based assessment. We’ll combat the high pressure sales team and slice through industry jargon to ensure the offering is fit for your business purpose.

We are used to dealing with multiple vendors offering similar products. We understand it can be difficult to select the best product for your business and we are here to help.

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Vendor Cost Comparison

Confused by vendor pricing? Unsure of what competitive pricing looks like? Worried about over paying for features?

Our seasoned executive team will partner with you to understand you unique business needs. From there we will help you compare the wide array of vendor pricing and select the best value to fit your unique business position.

We regularly deal with a wide array of cost models and vendors. We understand which pricing models best align to which business needs. We can help you ensure the pricing model is aligned with your business needs.

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