Administrative Interface

What is administrative interface?

Administrative Interface is the interface for you to configure your website or server.

The web application admin page is normally used by administrators for remote maintenance of the application.

Restrict your administrative interface access

You should restrict your administrative interface to designated administration computers or certain IPs.

What’s the impact of opening up the administrative interface?

Exposing the administrative interface could password guessing attacks by malicious users to brute force into the system.


  • We highly recommend you to restrict the exposed administrative pages with designated IP sources in charge of website or system maintenance
  • Setup 2-factor authentication for your admin interface prevent brute-forcing

Types of admin interface

Other admin links

  • /admin/
  • /moderator/
  • /webadmin/
  • /admincp/index.asp
  • /admin/login.asp
  • /admin/index.cfm
  • /admincontrol/login.cfm
  • /admin/login.cgi
  • /adm/index.cgi

Use our tool to scan if your website admin is exposed to the public access.